E-bike Buying Guide

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Buying an electric bike seems like an easy exercise at first. However, as you will soon realise, there are too many factors to consider. This could get you confused, and you could end up buying the wrong bike. This should not happen if you read the guide below. 

Go For Durable Bikes

Given that e-bikes are considerably expensive compared to standard bikes, you must ensure the e-bike your purchase is durable. Internet research and reviews from friends are an easy way to establish the durability of the various e-bikes on sale. You must be cautious when reading reviews. For example, if someone says their bike broke down within a few months, inquire how they used the bike. For instance, a commuter bike used on rough terrain will develop problems. Besides reviews, it would be worth checking the bike's build quality. For example, are the frames welded or bolted together? What type of rims does the bike use? Once you find a suitable model, assess whether you can find repair shops and spare parts in your locality. Otherwise, you could experience difficulties when repairing and servicing the bike. 

Determine The Required Features 

E-bikes come with numerous features. Therefore, you will need to narrow down on the features that improve your riding experience. For example, if you have to carry the bike up a flight of stairs, you would be concerned about its weight. If you will ride the bike for long distances, you should assess the battery size and range. Additionally, you would be impressed by an e-bike with an extra battery. Suppose you will ride the bike on steep terrain; you would be interested in a powerful motor. On the other hand, a person who uses the e-bike to make deliveries would want one with storage space or a basket. 

Determine The Condition Of Bike You Intend To Purchase 

Your funds will determine whether you will buy a new or used e-bike. Purchasing a new e-bike is pretty straightforward since the above assessment allows you to choose a specific bike. However, examine the bike's warranty. When shipping the e-bike from abroad, inquire whether the seller will assemble the bike on your behalf. Besides, check whether shipping charges and taxes are included in the seller's quote. 

If you opt for a used e-bike, conduct thorough assessments to ascertain its condition. For example, check for wobbly tires, cracked or bent rims, a welded frame, the condition of the braking and steering systems. It would be difficult to tell the battery range or motor problems. Therefore, ask for a guarantee from the seller. 

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