Factors To Take Into Account When Buying Your First Road Motorcycle

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Buying a motorbike is not as simple as finding one that fits your budget. The first thing that you should know as a first-time buyer is that these vehicles are available in two main categories, which are the dirt bikes and the road bikes. Dirt bikes are primarily recreational and will not be suited for daily use. Thus, if you are searching for a motorbike to use for long-distance or daily travel, you need a road bike. This article touches on a couple of factors to take into account when buying your first road motorcycle.

Do you need a commuter or a cruiser road bike?

One of the foremost decisions that you will need to make when deliberating on what road bike to purchase is whether a commuter motorcycle or the cruiser variety will be better suited to your needs. A mistake some individuals make when contemplating road bikes is getting caught up in deciding what aesthetic qualities they are looking for in their dream bike when, in truth, the visual appeal of the motorcycle will not influence the quality of the drive. Instead, you need to consider how frequently you will be riding the bike and the distances you intend on covering, as this will help you establish the type of road bike that would be the best investment.

If you plan on using your road bike almost daily, a standard motorcycle will be a great investment. These bikes are suited for navigating traffic, easy parking and offer an even riding position, making it a comfortable choice for new riders. Cruiser bikes, on the other hand, are best for long-distance rides. These low-slung bikes are better suited for extended weekend drives, as they provide more power than their commuter counterparts do.

How well does the road bike fit you?

When new riders think of fit, they tend to prioritise the specifications of the various road bikes available. And while it is essential to take the size of the bike into account, you also need to note that riders come in varying shapes and sizes too! Hence, you must factor in how appropriate the road bike will be to your stature. Firstly, the bike should never be too heavy for you to handle, as once you fall off you will be unable to get the bike back upright. Not to mention that manoeuvring the bike, for instance when navigating tight corners, will be a laborious task.

Secondly, the seat height should not be too high or you will have problems accessing the footpegs effortlessly, which will translate into an uncomfortable ride each time you are on your road bike. Another element to consider is engine power. Take note, you will be sitting right above this system. If the engine is too powerful, the vibrations and heat can make riding your bike harsher than it needs to be.

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