The Ultimate Guide To Buying Used Boats

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Buying a used boat can be quite stressful. More often than not, buyers get overwhelmed since they have many boats to choose from. Besides, they do not know what to look out for in a used boat. Below is a comprehensive review discussing how to do so.

When buying a used boat, most buyers will have a rough idea of what type of boat they should purchase. For instance, you would want a fishing boat if you will use the boat for fishing trips. On the other hand, a deck boat is ideal for cruises with your family or friends. However, choosing an appropriate model can be quite confusing. Various manufacturers have varying features on their boats. Besides, the vessels have different prices. Narrow your choices by deciding what features you need in your boat. For instance, when buying a fishing boat, you would be concerned about the size of the fuel tank, the availability of bait wells, bulk storage, rod holders, raw water wash-downs, thrusters and sun protection. Conduct some research on boat forums, social media, and marine blogs to know which manufacturers make durable boats. Do not shy off from spending more to get a durable boat that will serve you for years. 

Check e-commerce websites, buy and sell groups on social media, and your local boat dealer to determine the availability of the boat that you need. Visit the sellers to examine the condition of the used boat. Below are some pointers to ease the inspection: 

  • Assess the boat's body for signs of accident damage. Uneven body lines, a welded frame, dents and filler are indications that the boat could have been involved in an accident.
  • Check the boat's engine for signs of fuel, oil and water leakage. The engine belts and propeller should be in excellent condition. If possible, conduct a compression test to determine if the engine needs an overhaul.
  • Verify that the vessel's electrical system and amenities are in perfect condition.
  • Take the boat for a ride to examine its engine, transmission and manoeuvrability. Take note of engine smoking, strange sounds, inadequate power and acceleration issues.
  • The used boat should be accompanied by an inspection report, operation manual, and recent service records. Use these documents to determine whether the vessel requires urgent repairs after purchase. 

when buying a used boat, you may be able to negotiate the boat's purchase price. Alternatively, you could take advantage of market trends by purchasing the boat during the cold season. Proper maintenance will keep your used boat in excellent condition.