Buying a Motorcycle for Your Kid

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Buying a motorbike for your child is an investment not to be taken lightly. It could be the first taste of freedom that your child will enjoy. A motorcycle can teach children to follow rules, master a range of skills and give them confidence. However, there are some things that every parent should watch out for when buying their child's first motorcycle. This article is a guide to buying a motorbike for your child. 

What to Consider

1. Start Slow with a Small Motorcycle

LAMs bikes are meant for learner riders. These bikes have low power engines with smaller wheels which makes them perfect for children.

2. Look for a Motorcycle With a Lower Centre of Gravity

A lower centre of gravity means better stability for the motorcycle. When you are learning to ride, stability is vital. You will find a lower centre of gravity in most LAMs bikes as they are intended for younger learners.

3. Check the Bike Is Right for Your Child

This is perhaps the most important thing that parents should watch out for when buying their child's first motorcycle. Talk to a professional and make sure that the bike you are going to buy or have bought for your child meets all the required safety standards. Look for helmets, pants, gloves and other protective gear that come along with the bike.

4. Practise on an Enclosed All-Weather Track to Avoid Road Hazards

Enclosed all-weather tracks provide a safe place to practise for those who have not mastered motorcycle riding yet. Riding in good road conditions requires different riding skills than riding on an enclosed all-weather track. Children can practise their skills and learn to do controlled stops on an enclosed all-weather track.

5. Make Sure That the Motorcycle Is in Good Working Order

A children's motorcycle should be inspected before every ride. Run the engine and listen for unusual noises. Give the bike a test drive and ask your child to give you feedback on its performance. Maintenance is an important aspect of motorcycle riding and it is necessary for every rider to maintain a motorcycle well in order to avoid accidents. You should do everything you can to teach your child about motorcycle maintenance.

If you would like to find out more, contact a motorcycle retailer today. They can tell you more about kids motorbikes and LAMs bikes so that you can find the right one for you.